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Concrete Pads

     The concrete crew standing in front of a concrete trailer. It holds up to one cubic yard. The gas motor powers a hydraulic pump. There are paddles to stir the concrete during transportation and a hydraulic cylinder to dump the concrete. I couldn't have done it without Jeff's help. Thanks you very much. We poured 1 3/4 cubic yards that Sunday.
     The first pad (3x4) we poured is for the air conditioner compressor.
     The second pad we poured (4x4) is for the master deck stairs' landing.
     The third and last pad (5x7) is for the front porch stairs' landing. I think it turned out the best. It's my first time for pouring and finishing concrete. Jeff's too. I was afraid how it would turn out, but all went fine.
     The air conditioner pad with the forms removed.
     The master deck's pad with the forms removed. You can see the master tub under the deck. That's another day's project.
     The front porch pad with the forms removed.
     A close up of the front porch pad. This is for Chuck to review my work. Chuck is the vice president of a concrete plant in the mid-west. We're very proud of him. We'd like him to visit the next time I pour concrete. The decking material is Evergrain by Epoch.
     The completed air conditioner pad. It's nice to finally have air conditioning.
     Work in progress on the front porch steps.
     It's nighttime. I'm tired. Tomorrow is another day. Note the casing and baseboard being stored on the front porch.
Mary Ann and Ron Dunant    Grass Valley, California, U.S.A.