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Interior Tile Work

     Here's tile work-in-progress in the master shower. I tried to color-correct the photo. Only have to tile the upper-right side, and place the trim. Then grout. Then seal. See? Almost done! Oh yeah ... there's plumbing too.
     Here's the completed shower (except the plumbing). I will seal the stone and grout in a few days.
     This is the opposite end of the master shower (photo taken from the shower). The room is about 11 x 4 feet. The walls are painted the color of Baileys Irish Cream. I don't remember what Behr calls the color.
     This is a close up of the tile (travertine). Believe it or not, we found the best travertine value for the buck at Expo. They made up for it with the trim and accent tile, however.
     The tile work for the master tub has been done since the beginning of March, 2008. The tub and tub's plumbing need to be installed (not apparent in the picture). Through the window note the top of the tile saw.
     This is the view outside the tub's window.
     And finally ... this is work-in-progress on bath #2. If the color of this bathroom doesn't wake you up in the morning, nothing will.
Mary Ann and Ron Dunant    Grass Valley, California, U.S.A.